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Lozes Angel 3 in 1 Sanitary Napkin | Anti Bacterial Leak Proof Far Infrared Ray

RM18.00 RM12.90

DayDay245mmEx.LongExtra Long 330mmNightNight290mmP.LinerPanty Liner 155mm
SKU: Sanitary Napkin


Product spec :
Day 245mm – 10 pads
Panty Liner 155mm – 30 pads
Night 290mm – 8 Pads
Night Extra Long 330mm – 8 Pads

Negative-Ions in LOZES Angel sanitary napkins can increase the amount of oxygen in the air, oxygen can also kill the harmful anaerobic bacteria and help to activate our cells.

Nano- Silver:
Nano-Silver with good antibacterial effect and can help to kill the bacteria, prevent reflux of bacteria that causing infection and also to reduce odors and vaginal discharge.

Far-Infrared can promote blood circulation, activate physiological function and relieve menstrual pain.

Characteristic of LOZES Angel:
1. Soft
2. Comfortable
3. Dry and fresh
4. Breathable or Air permeable
5. Rapid Absorption
6. No backflow
7. Super-leak-proof protection
8. Eliminate bacteria
9. Improve gynaecological diseases
10. 99.99% eliminate bacteria capabilities

LogesAngel 24小时守护着您的健康!
*吸血力强 , 干爽
*透风 , 远离湿疹
*天然(纯棉和植物纤维制成) ,
*含 1400++ 负离子制造氧气 , 让下体清爽
*除臭 ( 咸鱼味, 尿味)
*解决褐, 青, 黄, 白带

负离子(negative ions) 的常识
山村, 喷泉, 激浪, 瀑布等 无污染区域都有大量负离子😍负离子无毒, 无副作用, 又称为空气维生素, 是人类必不可少的物质, 能促进人体的生长发育和防止多种疾病😍它能协助增氧, 进而使厌氧的细菌远离子宫, 所以高数值的负离子能治疗痛经, 月经性皮炎, 增加机体的抗病能力😍它也改善血管系统, 降其压, 使周围毛细管扩展, 皮温升格, 进而增加白血球, 红血球与血小板的数量😍

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 6 cm

Day245mm, Extra Long 330mm, Night290mm, Panty Liner 155mm


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